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Pawsitive training for people and pups

Dogs can bring joy to our lives.  Even that crazy, rambunctious, naughty or too nosey pup can grow up to be a great family member with some simple training. Without training, your pup may create frustration for everyone in the home. I believe in using pawistive methods to help people learn how to bring out the best in their pooch.  I work with owners to teach you to channel your dog's talents. K9 Nose Work®   is a great way for our pups to use some of their pent up energy while bringing out their natural hunting instincts. 

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Your dog is a family member and you want to spend time with your pup doing fun things.

K9 Nose Work® is a newer sport that is based on scent detection dogs. This sport is perfect for all dogs; young, old, overly energetic, and even shy.   A  cotton swab is scented with a target odor using specific essential oils and then placed in a container. The container is set in a room, outside, or on a vehicle. The dog is trained to locate the target odor. It is great fun for both the dog and you.

Puppy Training is important to start early. Puppies are so cute when you bring them home but soon turn into baby sharks. Teaching manners is important to be part of the family. I work with puppies and young dogs to help you with common puppy issues for a well-balanced family pet. Behaviors that are covered are Housetraining, biting, recall/come, Sit, Stand, Down, basic information on health, nutrition and tricks.  Private or virtual sessions are available based on your needs.

Puppy Day Training helps owners who are working or have difficulty spending time training a new puppy. Your puppy will spend the day at my home, and various locations in the community with multiple training sessions each day on crate behavior, house training, bite inhibition, sit, down, and introduce walking on a leash.  The owner drops off for the training and then picks up a tired puppy at the end of the day. 

Puppy Training

About K9 Nose Work®

NACSW Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor CNWI

K9 Nose Work®  is a great activity for all dogs and any age. Does your dog love to sniff when out on a walk? Then this is for your dog! Using their natural hunting and sniffing instincts, your dog learns how to search for a specific odor and the human partner learns to watch the dog behaviors. This can be done for fun or competition.  Check out information on  AKC Scent Work or  National Association of Canine Scent Work.  Go to the Video Gallery to see my dog, Danika, competing at a trial. 

NOTE: Class can be offered either in person or virtual.

K9 Nose Work® Classes

  • Introduction  to K9 Nose Work®:   6 sessions $160

Dogs will be introduced to K9 Nose Work® using food and boxes to help bring out your dog's natural hunting instinct. 

  • Introduction to Odor:   6 sessions $160

Odor and food are paired as the dogs learn to search for the target odor. ​ We will introduce work on Container, Interior, Exterior and Vehicle and AKC Buried searches. 

  • Continuing K9 Nose Work®:    6 sessions $160

Based on each dog and handler's skill, we will continue to work on all elements at different locations to ready the dog and handler for either competition or fun.​ Sniff'n fun!

  • K9 Nose Work® Group Practice:  $35 per  1 hr session

Sessions will be offered ​at different locations with advance registrations. Watch for announcements on this website for more info.

  • K9 Nose Work®  Private lessons: 30 min - $45

Customized training based on the request of handler.​ 

Contact us for dates of classes or training requests


Upcoming  6-week Classes: 

Next session starting in Mid-Feb.

Limited spaces may be available: complete form below for getting on the waitlist for:

Introduction to K9 Nose Work®: Wednesday afternoon in West Bend area.


Continuing K9 Nose Work®:

 Traveling class:  Sunday, Monday evenings, and Wednesday mornings at 10 am.- may have single classes for drop in's.


Want advance notice for classes?

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For questions or availability call: 414-916-1615

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Do you have a Nosey Pup?

We all love the antics of a cute puppy. We smile and coo at their sweet faces and clumsy movements.   Then the next minute they seem to turn into a different pup. They bite, destroy clothes and create havoc in the house.  

We help you to teach your puppy to:

  • be calm  and pay attention to you

  • greet people politely 

  • prevent "accidents" in the house

  • have a soft mouth and eliminate hard bites

  • have quiet crate behaviors 

  • replace puppy behaviors that drive you crazy

With over 20 years of experience teaching people about puppies, I can customize a training plan to address your concerns to help you and your own nosey pup.

 We can provide in-person, virtual or phone consultation. 


Please contact us for prices and schedules.

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About Your Trainer

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This is my Nosey Pup, Danika (otherwise known as Dani, Sweetpea, or Dani Banani) that inspired the name of my business. My name is Mary Hanneman and I have been teaching people and their pups for over 20 years. I currently teach AKC STAR puppy classes, NACSW K9 Nose Work® classes and am a Canine Good Citizen/ATT evaluator. I have been active in dog sports with training and competing in Obedience, Rally, Junior Hunting, Conformation, and most recently K9 Nose Work®. I  am one of 4 Certified Nose Work Instructors (CNWI) in the greater Milwaukee area.  My dogs have Nose Work titles from NACSW and AKC.  Read a recent Journal Sentinel article on The Nosey Pup LLC to learn more.

My day job for over 20 years has been in Learning & Development roles facilitating leadership programs and teaching employees skills for success. My education degree gave me a foundational understanding and skills in operant and classical conditioning theories.  The same learning theories I used teaching my students worked with puppies and dogs!  While the theories are the same, the application of them is quite different.  Read our recommendations for more info on The Nosey Pup!

In fact, if you have a need for a corporate trainer, reach out to me. I currently also provide consulting for businesses providing leadership, diversity or customize training for your business needs. 

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